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Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) help you cover medical expenses for children and people with disabilities who meet income requirements.

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We are in-network with most major insurance providers. That means if we accept your insurance, your out-of-pocket expense is typically just a copay or co-insurance provided your deductible has been met. Most insurance cards have this amount written on the front. Insurance can be confusing, but don’t worry we are here to help and are dedicated to making this as easy as possible for you.

When you schedule your appointment at Kendred Wellness Center PLLC, our support staff will be happy to verify your insurance benefits before your first session. Please be aware that the verification of benefits doesn’t guarantee full payment on the part of your insurance provider. In this case, clients are responsible for making up the full cost of sessions.

Watch the video to the left to learn how to use insurance for your next counseling session. 

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At Kendred Wellness Center, PLLC, I accept patients receiving medical coverage from Hera. Since 2000, I’ve gone above and beyond to accommodate to the unique situation of every patient. Call me and see what your options are today.

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We accept cash, check, and major credit cards.
Payment is due at the time the appointment is booked. A full refund will be available for cancelations up to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.

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If for any reason you or your child will be unable to make the scheduled appointment time, a 24 hour notice must be given in order to avoid being charged for the full session.  (Please note we CANNOT bill insurance for a missed appointment, so responsibility of the full payment is on the client.)  We understand that sudden illnesses or emergencies arise, please call us as soon as you know your child will be unable to make their session due to illness.  Missing a session without any prior notification (no show) for any reason will be billed to the client in full.

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